Echolab Overture 2 to Blackmagic Atem

Convert your old Overture 2 panel into a fully functional 2 ME panel for the Blackmagic Atem switcher. No modifications of Overture 2 panel required. Just plug in the cables and it is ready for operation.

Overture 2 adapter - $1,130   

Download latest firmware:
Echolab Overture 2 control panel was used by Blackmagic Design to create its own Atem 2 Broadcast Panel. The main components of both panels are completely identical, including buttons, knobs, T-bar, indicators, smart buttons, housing, etc.

This makes the Eсholab panel an excellent base for modification to control of Blackmagic Atem switchers. I developed an interface adapter for this panel to control the Atem switcher.The adapter provides full control of Program / Preview / Select / Destination bus, Cut and Auto transitions, T-Bar, select type of transitions, full control of USK and DSK keyers, select of a source for Keyers, control of Media Players, Macros, etc.

      Key features : 

  • Full control of the Atem 2 M/E switcher (control of the Atem 4 M/E  is also possible, but I have not tested it yet)
  • Program/preset row crosspoint control (20 selectable inputs (up to 40 with Shift), all independently configurable separately for each ME)
  • Key/Aux row crosspoint control (20 selectable inputs (up to 40 with Shift), all independently  configurable separately for each ME)
  • Destination row crosspoint control
  • T-Bar manual control of Mix, Wipe, Dip, DVE separately for each ME
  • Cut and Auto trans control (including adjustable Auto Trans rate )  separately for each ME
  • Auto transition for Stinger ( full configurable)
  • Separate control over 4 x  USK, include USK1 - USK4 Next,  USK1 - USK4 ON AIR buttons (including adjustable USK Auto Trans rate)
  • Full control over ME 1 or ME 2 transitions including 18 patterns, border/softness, etc
  • Full control over ME 1 or ME 2 keyers LUMA, CHROMA, PATTERN and DVE
  • Displayed Source Names can be selected from a list.
  • Separate control over 2 x  DSK, include DSK1 Tie, DSK2 Tie, DSK1 Cut, DSK2 Cut, DSK1 Mix, DSK2  Mix buttons (including adjustable DSK Auto Trans rate)
  • Record & Run Macros (up to 10 macros) using dedicated buttons

I continue to work on new features and this will be added later with a new firmware.

Connect the adapter to the panel and Atem as shown in the diagram below:

Initial setup:

Press the Setup button and use the rotary knobs under the display to configure the IP for your Atem. Save your settings (Press Update button).
Panel connected to Atem and reported the model of the switcher.Assign sources to buttons if necessary. To do this, press Setup  >  Buttons Map. Select the button to assign using the rotary knob or press the desired button on the Program Bus. Use the rotary knob to select the source for the selected button. Save your settings. 

Do not assign one source to multiple buttons. The panel will display buttons in an unpredictable manner. Use the "Space" source for unused buttons.

Possible sources are: Input 1–20, Black, Color 1-2, Color Bars, Media Player Fill 1-2, Media Player Cut 1-2, SuperSource and Space.

Repeat the source assignment of buttons for M/E 2.The panel is ready for use. Most of the panel's functions are the same as the Atem 2 ME Broadcast Panel and are intuitive.

Interface Adapter comes with the latest firmware (1.34 as of Avg 2020) and a 180 days parts and labor warranty.

Free consultation and free firmware update are included as well.

I tested all my panel's and adapter's with my Atem 1 M/E Production Studio 4K and Atem 2 M/E HD.

 New features will be included into the future firmware releases as they become available.