How to upgrade firmware

Firmware upgrade procedure:

Note: Use only the firmware designed for your adapter. Firmware for other devices won't work at best and can damage your adapter and your panel.

1. Unzip the archive with firmware to C:\Update

2. Using a thin screwdriver or knife, open the small cover on top of the adapter

 There are 2 LEDs and a button, which is designed to activate the firmware update mode.

 Connect the adapter to the computer using the USB cable.

 The green LED lights up, this means normal operation

3. Install the Drivers for adapter from the folder C:\Update\drivers

4. A new device will be installed as a standard COM port. Remember the port number (COM 3,4,5 etc.)

5. Disconnect the adapter from the computer.

6. Press and hold the button, connect the adapter to the computer. The red LED lights up. This means the firmware update mode.

7. In the folder with the firmware there are files Update_COM3-Update_COM8. Run the file that corresponds to the installed adapter.

The CMD window will appear in which the progress of the installation is displayed. Do not use the computer at this time (1-2 minutes)

When finished, the green LED will light, indicating successful updating.

Information about the update is saved in the text file Update.log